ADHD Disability Provisions for Students

Recommended Disability Provisions for Students with ADHD

  • Computer – to organise thoughts and assist with fine motor skills
  • Small Group Setting – to be away from distractions
  • Extra time – to have time to read questions, to assist with working memory
  • Clear simple instructions
  • Written daily routines

Some things you may be told by schools or BOSTES (Board of Studies Teaching Education Standards) :-

ADHD is not a long term conditions – Incorrect

ADHD does not affect writing – Incorrect

Conditions that co-exist with ADHD known as comorbid conditions

Human Rights – Conciliated Decisions

  • 2008 Conciliation about conciliating behavioural disorders in education – Accommodating behavioural disorders in education
  • 2007 Adjustments in exams – extra time and use of WordProcessor – Adjustments in exams
  • 2007 Schools to provide reminders to ADD students – Reminders for child with ADD
  • 2007 TAFE¬† enrolment refused for student with Learning Disabilities – Accommodating learning disabilty in TAFE
  • 2006 School making adjustments for ADHD and Learning Disabilities –Adjustments for student with learning disabilities
  • 2006 Auditory Processing Difficulties – often students with ADHD can have this comorbidity –Adjustments for learning disorder¬†
  • 2003 Accommodation ADHD – Accommodating ADHD in education
  • 2001 Accommodation for Exams for student with ADHD – Accommodation for exams

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