Will children Outgrow ADHD? – NOthe hyperactivity generally slows down but inattention and impulsivity usually remain.

What other comorbid conditions exist with ADHD? – MANY

What difficulties could my ADHD child have at school and university?

Can ADHD students have difficulty with handwriting and written expression? – YES

it has been known for decades that ADHD students can have difficulty with handwriting

Is there a connection between handwriting and ADHD? – YES

Can ADHD Students have learning Disabilities – YES

What causes ADHD? – it is a neurological condition

Can my child be gifted and have ADHD? – YES

Is ADHD considered a disability? – YES

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a specific learning disability that develops at childhood and may continue into adult life. As its name suggests, people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder will often have difficulty remaining attentive, or may be hyperactive or impulsive.

Does working memory be increased? – NO

Do students with ADHD have difficulty with time management, organisation and planning? – YES they certainly do

Should Schools communicate better with families of ADHD students? – Definiately

Can my ADHD child succeed?  – YES

What disability provisions can assist my child with ADHD? – MANY for example use of computer, reduced homework, quiet settings for exams, extra time for exam taking, copies of teacher notes, rest breaks, assisting students with planning and organisation of work, communication with parents, assignments being emailed, etc

Do overseas students have to continually prove ADHD (disability) to continue to receive disability provisions?  NO 

Excerpt from Psychology today website – “A report from a clinician with testing and a diagnosis of ADHD, along with recommended accommodations.  (Be aware that the report NO LONGER needs to be completed within the last 5 years.  Any report during your lifetime, as long as it meets the Office for Student Disability Services criteria, should be accepted.) ”

Why not in Australia???

Do ADHD  students have difficulty asking question in high school and beyond?  YES