also known as Board Of Studies Teacher Education Standards (BOSTES)

This organisation is responsible for teacher education, teaching, assessments, registration and policy functions  –

The NSW Minister for Education has commissioned a review of BOSTES to ensure its current role, membership functions and structure continue to best serve the community of NSW into the future by setting high and consistent education standards, building the best quality teaching and associated workforce and improving outcomes for all students. see details at –

Here is BOSTES code of Conduct and Ethics –

Click link below for for information about what it has been like for families applying for Disability Provisions for their children for the HSC in NSW.

It is a Submission that has kindly been made public by Carol Barnes.

The above document is in relation to BOSTES review

What are BOSTES Disability Provisions for HSC

What does BOSTES request schools to do in relation to Disability Provisions?

I cannot understand how BOSTES can advise schools to make disability adjustments, school make the adjustments for the student, the student uses the medically recommended adjustments and the BOSTES refuse the disability adjustments when the student sits the HSC.  Fair?  You be the judge.

Who is BOSTES answerable to? – it appears in the BOSTES Annual Report that the President of BOSTES, presents the report to the Minister for  NSW Education. But in reality it appears BOSTES can do and say as they like.

BOSTES PowerPoint Interpretation of Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Disability Standards in Education 2005 and providing Disability Provisions to Students

Who do you complain to about BOSTES if you feel BOSTES are discriminating?

  • Everyone, Minister for Education, your Local Member for Parliament, Australian Human Rights, NSW Anti Discrimination Board, Disability Advocates, Legal Aid, Children with Disabilities, Australian Centre for Disability Law , NSW Education Minister, Disability Council NSW, Shadow Education Minister, Shadow Disability Minister (official adviser to NSW Government) or NSW Ombudsman
  • Although BOSTES do not appear to be accountable to anyone or have to follow Disability Discrimination Act 1992 or Disability Standards in Education 2005. Hopefully one day, sooner rather than later, this will change and students will get what they need without all the difficulty and unnecessary questioning/disputing of a disability and disability adjustment a student needs.  This Department needs to learn a lot about disabilities and how medical recommendation should be implemented for students, not think of it as a contest to disprove the medical assessments and have a win over a student and their family rightfully advocating for their child.
  • Note you can only have one complaint at either of these departments at any one time  but you can complain to all of them.

What do BOSTES advise about Disability Discriminaton Act 1992 and funding?

What do BOSTES 2016 Disability Guidelines look like?

BOSTES Government Access to Information