BOSTES Exam Integrity

Thoughts of a parent with a student that has a disability and has had BOSTES continually refuse their child’s disability provisions  ……………….

Testing of Students - HSC Disability provisions??

If BOSTES so are worried about the “integrity” of HSC exams as to the reason for not providing disability provisions to students…………….. I really can’t see the BOSTES logic to that argument……………considering not 100% of the actual final HSC exam counts toward the end HSC mark……….. half the HSC exam marks come from the students work………………work that they have done at school using computers marked by teachers in many different schools.

Students work during Year 12 is  not marked by BOSTES “professional markers” only one set of exams are, so how is that fair to everyone to start with, i.e. Some schools may mark differently to other schools too………………..Are all Year 12 tests,  prior to HSC in all schools the same???   Is all parts of the curriculum taught in all schools?  I doubt that , when it has allegedly been advised in the media some years ago that some schools had been known to miss teaching students what was required in the curriculum to sit the HSC …………….

Oh forgot to mention, of course all parents that apply for disability provisions are parents trying to rort the system for their child.  BOSTES believe parents are able to force many medical professionals to write fictitious assessments, lie about a students needs, even when the student has evidence dated back from primary to preschool age. Also, how can BOSTES hired “medical professionals” and BOSTES staff even question a students medical evidence produced, when they have never seen the student?  How can they decide a student does not have a disability and override medical evidence from a medical practitioner who has seen the child??

Teaching is like doctoring - fair is not always equal - You pick which response your child has had from BOSTES when applying for Disability Provisions

Teaching is like doctoring – fair is not always equal – You pick which response your child has had from BOSTES when applying for Disability Provisions

What is the sense of offering students readers/writers when students find other provisions more suitable.  Why are we training students to use these sort of provisions anyway when these are not in the workforce. Computers are.  Using readers/writers take a long time for a student to master, causing much frustration and extra teacher time, extra costs to school and this teacher would be better utilised in a classroom helping all students not just one students learning to use a reader/writer for one set of exams.  I cannot believe our Governments Educators allow this nonsense to continue.  For an education system that is supposed to be there to assist students,   forcing students to use provisions they do not want or do not want to use is not assisting students, only BOSTES with their archaic idea of integrity of exams.

How can this not be considered causing detriment to a childs future education and job prospects?


Fair and Equal ???