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A link to a Submission about BOSTES making it difficult for students to access disability provisions for HSC – the parent obtained the provisions for the student, but not many families have this outcome.

Australian Government Department of Education and Training fact Sheets

Australian Government Department of Education and Training – Personalised Learning Program – Based on Disability Standards In Education 1995

BOSTES disability adjustments

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Can somebody please explain why BOSTES advise on their website about disability provisions, a study has had these recommended by medical professionals and starts using these provisions for the rest of their time at school, and then when it comes to sitting the HSC BOSTES want to withdraw the provisions, ask the students to provide extra testing, even when the school has made recommendations for the provisions?  The student also provided copies of half yearly and yearly exams using the computer and these showed the student just managed to get by.  Does this seem like BOSTES is doing what they ask schools to do???? BOSTES basically accuse the student and parents advocating for the provisions of “cheating”.

Finding on Report on BOSTES HSC Access to disability provisions

Quote below is from NSW Ombudsman May 2013 – A level playing field HSC Disability Provisions – A special report to Parliament under s3.1 of the Ombudsman Act 1974

“In particular, the Board’s general requirement for a health report to confirm the diagnosis of adisability is a significant barrier for disadvantaged students. As a large proportion of disadvantagedstudents are in public schools, this is likely to have an impact on the number of disability provisionsapplications that the public school sector makes.

If the Board is making fair and reasonable decisions this means that the issue is not about unfairadvantage for independent school students but about improving access to and increasing the use of provisions for disadvantaged students”

Lack of Support for students with Disabilities sitting HSC Disability Provisions – news articles, submissions