School Disability Provisions

You many not be aware, but if your child is struggling at school because of their disability, your child can have disability provisions put in place.

Schools can and do make it difficult for students to access these provisions, as some teachers are of the opinion that a student having access to provisions is cheating.  It is not cheating it levels the playing field for the student with a disability.

To obtain disability provisions for your child, you will need a medical professionals assessment/report stating your child issues and what they will need to help them in the classroom.  You wouldn’t believe it in this day and age schools will argue the fact that your child does not need the provision and they make their own interpretations, even when you have the medical reports.

Disability provisions are covered by the law.  It is unlawful for a school not to provide disability provisions if it is written in your childs medical documentation.

Also, if you child’s conditions is considered long term you do not have to continue to supply medical documentation to the school/education provider each year – although a lot of schools will ask for this – know your rights.

Disability Provisions can be things as simple as:-

  • coloured paper
  • Larger font
  • computer access
  • extra time for tests
  • use of a computer
  • small group settings
  • text to type
  • note taker
  • copy of teacher notes

Below are some links to provisions that may help you:-