Australian School Policies

Below (quite a few paragraphs down) are some links to some Australian School policies that may be helpful.

Please be aware that not all schools follow their own school policies, the Department of Education policies, The Catholic Diosese policies or Independent school policies.  Even though schools should have policies, you may not be given them.  You may be told the policies are being rewritten and the school will forward them to you when rewritten.  Even after a few months have gone by,  you may recontact the school about the policies but they are are still in the process of being rewritten and you may never see them.

Even if policies are being rewritten, the old policies should remain in place until the new policy replaces it.  That said some schools may  use  the statement of a policy is being rewritten because they don’t actually have a school policy in place. If a parent questions a school policy, schools may not appreciate being questioned.

School policies should be available for everyone in the community to see and should be available on all school’s websites, but they are often not available ever.

I do not understand how GLD/2E students are written in educational policies and documents,  but little is done in the school system to assist these students, that schools and teachers are not aware they exist. I don’t understand why parents are often seen as troublemakers for advocating for their child’s needs and why it is so difficult for a school/principal/teacher to listen to a parent.  I believe if GLD/2E students are acknowledged in school/department policy document, all schools/teachers should be aware of these students.  Principals, Deputy Principals, Learning Support, Public Directors and Teachers who are employed in these roles should be aware of  Departmental Code of Conduct .  Being aware of the Code of Conduct, means they should also be aware of departmental policies.

I cannot understand how other organisations have to follow departmental directives, follow policies and procedures, adhere to the code of conduct etc, but schools are never accountable or answerable to parents and the community as a whole.  Why is this??

Also, I cannot understand why GLD/2E students are not getting the appropriate assistance at school.  It is not fair first and foremost to the student, but it is also not fair on parents nor is it fair to the community. These children have a right to have their needs met, to have an education that is appropriate to their needs, the same as all other students.


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