VIC School Policies

DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION VICTORIA – Website mentions identification of Dual Exceptionalities (same as Twice Exceptional, Gifted Learning Disabilities, GLD, 2E, DE)

“While most children have varied developmental levels across what are considered ‘age-typical’ behaviours, some gifted children have quite large variations in their development, across different areas. Where these variations are significant, children can be regarded as demonstrating dual exceptionality or be described as being twice exceptional learners.

Dual exceptionality refers to when both giftedness and some form of disability or learning difficulty are present. This is not an uncommon situation, and it has been estimated that up to one in 10 gifted children may have some form of disability or learning difficulty. For example, some children with dyslexia can often be of above average intellectual ability.

Dual exceptionality can make the identification of giftedness and talent in young children more difficult. A child’s giftedness can compensate for their disability or learning difficulty, thus masking the disability. This can mean that the child does not receive appropriate diagnosis and support for their difficulties. On the other hand, disabilities and learning difficulties can mask giftedness, meaning that children may not have their giftedness identified and supported. It is important to recognise when a child is simultaneously gifted and has a disability.”