Educational Access Scheme (EAS)

The Educational Access Scheme is to assist students who have experienced long term educational Disadvantage e.g. disability, health, family issues and more.

Students need to apply in the HSC year.  It is done through the schools and you must provide additional supporting documentation completed and signed by other professionals involved if need  be.

It does not change the ATAR that is awarded, but acts as a “buffer” of additional points if the student is very close to a cut-off mark. Different categories are available and different Uni’s apply slightly different processes – you do not have to do anything once it has been lodged.

Most schools do not advise families this is available to students.  I was not aware of this either until I joint the GLD Australia & Gifted Families Yahoo Groups.

All schools should be advising all students of this via newletters, websites and BOSTES should have this a mandatory requirement of all schools to advise this.