Twice Exceptional/GLD Schools

At the moment there are no schools just for Twice Exceptional/Gifted Learning Disabled        students in Australia.  It is difficult to have these students even acknowledged within the school system.  These kids can and do achieve if given an education appropriate to their needs and a school system that understand them fully.  It is ok for schools to say they have done training to tick the box, but until schools put their training into practice, it is all just lip service. If there are schools within Australia that do acknowledge and cater well to Twice Exceptional/Gifted students with learning disabilities students needs, I am very pleased to acknowledge this on the website, so please  feel free to email me with details.  I would love to add these schools to this website.

Below is a list of Twice Exceptional Schools overseas.  These schools are leading the way in understanding Twice Exceptional/Gifted Learning Disabled students.

I do not understand why the Australian Education system is so far behind the rest of the world in acknowledging these students and helping them with their educational needs.

Also website that lists schools