School Accommodations

disabilityBelow is a link to a Pinterest board which has links to several articles on classroom disability accommodations which could and should be implemented for students with disabilities.

Schools will tell parents that the student has to ask for the provision each time they need them.    Often the child will not ask for the provisions because they struggle with being able to discuss the issue themselves for whatever reason (anxiety, working memory issues, not sure how/what to ask or are embarrassed they need help or they don’t want to draw attention themselves or to their difficulty.  Even with medical recommendations, schools can and still refuse to acknowledge the recommended medical provisions for students.  Some Schools will tell parents that their child didn’t ask for the provision so they were not given them.  Schools should not be doing this.

fair and equalIts easy for schools to say that students have to ask for the disability provisions,  rather than hand them over automatically each time the student needs them. With schools taking this line of thinking, they are not helping the student, only getting them more frustrated with school and disinterested in learning (because they are always struggling).

Imagine having to grovel to a teacher each time you needed a provisions to do your school work or sit an exam.  Would you want to do this to your boss??  No wonder kids don’t ask.  Kids don’t like to draw attention to themselves or their disability, something some teachers seem to have difficulty understanding.  In most workplaces if you need something to do your job, its there for you to use,  so you can do your job to the best of your ability. Should be the same for school.