Below are links to the types of testing that is often used when confirming whether your child is Twice Exceptional/Gifted Learning Disabilities (both mean the same)

IQ Testing & Identification


Should I use a Stanford Binet IQ test & what will it show?


Do you need to retest your child continually?  Below are some links that may help you with this decision

Parents Identifying Giftedness

  • Believe it or not parents are usually one of the better sources for identifying giftedness in their children.  Here is an educational Macquarie University Special Education Centre Musec Briefing advising this.  This research shows that teachers often doubt parents and that parents are more effective in identifying giftedness.  Issue number 10 – http://www.musec.mq.edu.au/community_outreach/musec_briefings

Types of Testing that your child may be given