GLD Dropouts Successful

I was told my GLD son who dropped out of High School, tried distance education dropped out of distance education and finally completed a certificate III, that he would never complete a University Pathways course that would to allow him to go to University.

Being his mother I did not listen to the nay sayers. They did not know what my son could and couldn’t do.  They couldn’t understand he was intelligent but he had learning disabilities.

My son successfully completed his University Pathways achieving 3 credits and 1 Distinction.  And wasn’t his mother pleased for him. He is now currently completing a University Degree, something teachers advised he would not do!  Listen to your gut and follow what it tells you.  Teachers that do not understand GLD students do not know what your child can do.

Reason I have written this is to advise it is difficult to see this occurring,  you do really wonder if you are doing the right thing but you have to believe in your child.

Below are some links to successful GLD students.

The reason these once GLD students have succeeded is because they have had people that have believed in them and gave them opportunities.  Never doubt what your GLD child can do.